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リストは “100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know” (高校卒業生が知っているべき100単語)とのことで、アメリカの高校卒業レベルでは知っておくべき単語だそうです。







It is less than one week until the Election Day, but I am still ambivalent about our Presidential candidates.

I had to abjure the support for the Republican party, once Trump became the Presidential nominee of the party after the Primary Election.

It was such irony that none of politicians were able to beat Trump.

I used to enjoy watching his show, Apprentice, thinking that his business acumen was quite entertaining.

However, his bellicose toward his opposition and his superciliousness against minority groups tell me to abrogate him as our national leader.

His foreign policy sounds like xenophobia to me especially when Mexicans and Muslims are involved in the topic.

Even if Trump gets elected, some people fear that he gets impeached due to his tempestuous public speech.


All of these points make Hillary Clinton look abstemious.

She seems to hold auspicious position in this race with her strong political background and support.

She knows how to be diffident when Trump is aggressive without getting enervated by him.

However, her email scandal is becoming incontrovertible after the intense series of federal investigations.

Some voters think Clinton was engaging in chicanery while she was the Secretary of State.

Also, using popular celebrities in her campaign makes her look obsequious, rather than sophisticated.


We all know this country, or more like this world is not homogeneous any more in any aspect, and it seems almost impossible to choose a leader who is not belie the true “America” today.

The question now is, who is more feckless for this job?













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